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Choose from our large selection of styles and colors, usually in stock, so that you can receive your electric lighters soon after purchase. Plus, we can customize them to meet your needs.

Electric Candle Lighter

Model: ST060415

Electric Cigarette Lighter

Model: ST060405

Windproof Lighter

Model: ST060410

Rechargeable Candle Lighter

Model: ST060417

Lighters for Scented Candle

Model: ST060413

Rechargeable USB Lighter

Model: ST060418

Electric Arc Lighter

Model: ST060412

Flameless USB Lighter

Model: ST060408

Camping BBQ Lighter

Model: ST060415


Electronic Candle Lighter Manufacturer in China

Get Factory Direct Wholesale Price Start from 200 Units

The best candle lighter manufacturer features a streamlined supply chain that takes your ideas from early concepts to the final performance.

Our custom options are developed in our modern producing plant which helps us reduce cost and increase delivery of quality finished products.

We offer free electric lighter samples to help you affirm your decision to invest in our quality lighters and make the purchase for a large quantity.

Looking for Customized Electric Lighters to Boost Your Business?

Just tell us what electric lighter you are looking for, and our team will help you with the design and bulk production.

Technical Specs for Candle Lighters

We pay close attention to every step of the production process to provide you with safe, reliable, and high-quality machines to expand your business.

Aluminum Alloy Materials

Compared to traditional materials such as steel, aluminum alloy has a lighter weight, which can reduce the overall weight of the electronic ignition device, improve its portability and comfort.

Aluminum alloy material has good corrosion resistance, which can effectively resist corrosion in harsh environments such as humidity, acidity and alkalinity, and prolong the service life of electronic igniters.

Plasma Flameless Arc Technology

Revolutionary plasma flameless arc technology, which has various features such as energy concentration, smoke-free, odorless and windproof, ensures this lighter to be used normally under any weather.

Comparing with traditional lighters and matches, it can ignite candles, stoves, fireworks and etc. in a more convenient, safer and faster manner. No flame, thus it won’t burn your fingers, and no more harmful butane!

USB Rechargeable Lighters

SmileTools has won the trust of many well-known brands because of our innovative styles and reliable quality. We have also helped thousands of people to create their own electric lighter businesses and brands over the past 20 years.

IC Integrated Control Module

The IC integrated control module plays a crucial role in managing the battery’s performance. It monitors and regulates various parameters, such as voltage, current, temperature, and state of charge. This module ensures that the battery operates within safe limits and optimizes its performance for maximum efficiency.

The integrated control module incorporates advanced safety features to prevent overcharging, over-discharging, and overheating. It also controls the charging and discharging processes to minimize the risk of damage or failure.

No Flame No Fuel No Gas No Smoke

Revolutionary plasma flameless arc technology, which has various features such as energy concentration, smoke-free, odorless and windproof, ensures this lighter to be used normally under any weather.

New Energy

Rechargeable Battery

High Efficiency

Reduce Pollution

Electric Lighter for Candles

Electric Lighter for BBQ Grill

Electric Lighter for Gas Stoves

Electric Lighter for Fireworks

Make Our Custom Electric Lighter Your Own

We design Electric Lighters with a keen focus on details and design. We can collaborate to create unique Electrical Lighter solutions and be your long-term partner. We first analyze your local market and define the features and solutions that best meet your customer needs. We can help ensure the success of your next Candle Lighter design project.

Customers Reviews

We’ve served hundreds of satisfied customers. Here are some of their reviews.

"I recently purchased the electric lighter from SmileTools and I am blown away by the quality of the product. It works flawlessly and is incredibly durable. Working with them was also a pleasure, their team was very helpful and accommodating throughout the entire process. I highly recommend SmileTools for anyone looking for high-quality tools."
Sarah Jones
“SmileTools’ electric lighter is hands down the best on the market. It’s efficient, reliable, durable, and easy to use. In terms of logo customization, They have saved me a lot of time and trouble. The team at SmileTools was also great to work with, they were very responsive and attentive to my needs. I will definitely be purchasing from them again.”
Bert Williams
Owner of Smith’s BBQ
“As a retailer, I’ve had the pleasure of working with SmileTools on multiple occasions. Their electric lighters are always top-notch and consistently exceed my expectations. What truly sets them apart is their exceptional customer service and willingness to go above their clients. It’s a pleasure doing business with them. This is my third order.”
Richard Barbeito

Why Work with SmileTools for Your Electric Lighter?

Here at SmileTools, we understand that every business is unique. We offer electronic lighters specifically designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a specific shape, color, or special use case, we can help. So if you’re looking for a way to make your product stand out, contact us now for a quote!

Our Happy Customers

SmileTools has won the trust of many well-known brands because of our innovative styles and reliable quality. We have also helped thousands of people to create their own electric lighter businesses and brands over the past 15 years.

100% Support to Your Electric Lighter Business

In the last 15 years, SmileTools has become one of the most trusted electric lighter factories for worldwide brands, renowned for its affordable and quality electric lighter. We are committed to offering high-quality candle lighters, cigarette lighters, and full-circle services to satisfy our client’s needs. We have a professional design team, QA team, and R&D that ensures all aspects and processes are thoroughly tested and controlled.

Reliable Supplier

We are partnered with top brands and supermarkets worldwide, providing affordable electronic lighter options.

Design Enthusiast

We offer ODM and OEM services. If you have a concept or design in mind, we can make it a reality and a successful brand.

Quality Control

Even if an electric lighter has passed our QA checks before packing, we still conduct thorough assessments before shipping them out.

Certified Manufacturer

We are ISO9001:2015, amfori BSCI certified, and comply with MSDS standards.


Have Any Questions?

Find possible answers below or contact our sales team​ for any questions.

Sure, the sample is very willing to be supplied as a reference. And its lead time is 3-5 days.
Yes, Of course. As a professional OEM company, we have the production capacity to fulfill any designed order.
Normally, MOQ is 500pcs, but Different products have different MOQ. If you want to know the MOQ of specific products, you can click to view the single product or ask customer service.
We usually pack individual products in plastic bags or bubble bags. If customers need it, we can provide existing neutral color boxes for some products, customized color boxes are also supported!
All payment methods are available, most clients choose TT, PayPal and Western union,  if you have any special requests, you can talk with us.
Most of our customers will choose to use our express delivery door, the United States, Australia, Canada and other countries have air-to-door, sea-to-door, European countries have railway delivery to door, the price is preferential, if you have your own freight forwarding company, we are also happy to cooperate.

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We are very proud of our dedicated, loyal, and hard-working staff. We think of ourselves as a family. Working together as a team helps us to provide a steady, dependable source for your products and supplies.

Smile Wei

Lulu Liu

Wendy Jin

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