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What Basic Candle Making Supplies Do I Need?

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So you’ve got the zeal to start making your own candles, But what exactly do you need to make your own candles? Essential supplies, and optional items so you can make an informed decision on what you need.

If you are a beginning candle maker, there are some basic supplies that you will need to get started. Most of these supplies can be found in our candle making kits. Just like any other craft, you can expand your supplies as your business grows, but for now, you can find a list of our recommended basic supplies below.

Candle Wax

If you keep your wax in jars or tins, you will need container wax, or pillar wax, which is a harder wax used to make candles that stand on their own.

Fragrance oils

There are many wonderful scents to choose from. The average amount to start with is 1 ounce of fragrance oil for every pound of wax. The type of wax you use will have suggestions for the maximum amount of fragrance oil to use.

Candle Dyes

Dye blocks or liquid dyes are both great options for coloring candles.

Candle Container or Candle Mold

Depending on the type of candle you want to make, you’ll want to choose an interesting container to use. We recommend starting with a candle jar because you don’t have to worry about the appearance of the finished candle because the sides are opaque. If you prefer to use a glass jar, we recommend choosing a round glass jar that is under 3 inches in diameter and has the same diameter at the top and bottom. If you want to make individual pillars, you’ll want to choose a seamless mold.


Choosing a wick is probably the most important decision you will make. If your candle is not burning properly, it is often because the wick is not the right type and size. The type of wax, the amount of fragrance, and whether or not color is added will all affect the performance of the wick.


A good scale is essential for weighing your waxes and fragrance oils. Soap and candle scales can be purchased for up to $25.

Heat Source

You will need a stove or a hot plate to melt your wax.

Pouring pot or pan

This is used to melt the wax. Many people use the two-pot method, where they fill a large pot halfway with water and heat it on the stove. Place your wax in the smaller pot inside the larger pot. Make sure no water enters the smaller pot. Heat the wax to the desired temperature and add water to the large pot after the water has evaporated.


A thermometer works well to measure the temperature of the melted wax.

Warning labels

Warning labels are necessary to provide proper burning instructions and for general candle safety.

Small calculator

Decorative labels

Decorative labels add a unique aesthetic to your finished candles. You can use them to promote your brand or to personalize your candles as gifts for special events.

Miscellaneous supplies

paper towels, alcohol (an easy way to clean the pan before it cools completely), disposable latex gloves to protect your hands, and newspaper to cover your work surface.

How do I keep my wick centered and in place while the wax is cooling?
Before you pour the wax into the container, place a small or large wick sticker on the pre-applied wick and place it in the center of the bottom of the container. The small wick sticker is best for tea wicks and the large wick sticker is best for 3″ and 6″ wicks. Once the wax is poured, the wick is attached by pulling the wick straight and pressing the wick strip tightly into the slit in the wick strip.

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