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The Candle Care Kit Contents

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Candle care kits are an essential tool for anyone who loves to candle-craft. These kits contain all the basic supplies you need to safely and effectively create beautiful, aromatic candles that will delight your senses and impress your friends and family. Whether you’re new to candle-making or a seasoned candle enthusiast, having the right tools and supplies is essential for success. The candle care kit contains everything you need as we will discuss below.

The Candle Care Kit Contents

The candle care kit comes with a variety of useful tools and supplies, including:

Wick trimmers

These are essential tools for candle-making, as the wick-trimming process ensures that your candle burns clean and evenly. Trimming the excess wick after you’ve poured your candle ensures that it will be at the perfect height to avoid any smoke or soot, while also helping you achieve a consistent burn time.

The Importance Of Wick Trimming

There are several reasons why trimming your wicks is essential for burning candles. Did you ever wonder why sometimes blowing out your candle triggers your smoke alarm? Or how do you get that intense smoky smell that overwhelms the aroma of the candle? This is often caused by a wick that’s too long and has created a build-up of carbon. If you want your candle to last longer and smell better, trim the wick after each use. The wax in candles evaporates more quickly than the wick burns away, so when you repeatedly burn a candle, there is mostly just a wick remaining. A shorter wick also diffuses scent more evenly while burning. Not only are shorter wicks safer, but they also create smaller flames. This is especially important in areas near flammable materials. Also, shortened wicks can clear away carbon buildup from the candle surface and prevent mushrooming.

Why avoid scissors

Scissors were not designed to trim candle wicks because it is difficult to reach the wick in the jar and avoid debris with their structure. If you leave candlewick debris in your candle, it will also disrupt even the burning of the wax. Candlewick trimmers have a small built-in plate at the tip like scissors, but they are curved to fit any deep or small candle jar which allows you to trim your wick cleanly and without debris fallout.

Reasons to Trim Your Wicks with a wick trimmer

1. It’s more convenient – who wouldn’t love that? 2. Safety first – Keep your candles clean and protected from objects that could cause a fire. 3. Everyone will be wowed when they see you have a wick trimmer- it shows that you take your candles seriously. 4. Not only does this candle have a beautiful aesthetic, but it also has an impressive burn time. 5. By trimming your candle’s wick, you’re ensuring a brighter and more potent flame.

The Burning Question: When Should You Trim Your Candle Wicks?

Try trimming your candle’s wick to about ¼ inch before lighting it each time you use it. This will make your candle burn safely and brightly for as long as desired.

How to Trim Candles With Candle Trimmers

Always allow your candle’s wick to cool before trimming it; trying to trim a wick that was just lit may result in severe burns. In addition, prior to lighting your candle be sure to remove any debris on the wax. To properly trim your candlewick, position the trimmer’s handle on the inside of the jar with blades parallel to the surface of the wax. As a general rule of thumb, replace your candles when there is only half an inch of wax remaining in the holder.

B) Candle Snuffers

In addition to candle trimmers, candle snuffers are another essential tool for candle-making. These small metal tools come in handy when you need to extinguish your candle without leaving a messy candle-wax residue.

How a candle snuffer works

Candlewick snuffers aren’t only good for reducing the amount of wax that splatters, but they also help your candle last longer by keeping the burning quality alive. Plus, they can act as a fancy home decoration piece–coming in many colors and styles! Be careful when blowing out candles; if you blow too hard, the hot wax can splatter. To suffocate the flame, use a snuffer or blow gently away from your body until it goes out.

How to Clean a wick snuffer

Incorporate these three steps to clean your glass, metal, and ceramic candle holders: 1. If there is a lot of wax, place it in the freezer for several hours to make it harder and easier to remove. scrape and/or chip away the excess wax. 2. Soak your glass or ceramic accessories in hot water. If they’ve been in the freezer, let them return to room temperature first to avoid any potential cracks. 3. Before the wax cools and hardens, use a soft cloth or paper towel to remove any residue.

C) Wick Dipper

The wick dipper is a long stem with an angled end that allows you to dip the wick into the melt pool and snuff out the flame. Although blowing out or snuffing out also puts out the fire, dipping does so more effectively by fully extinguishing it. As a result, there is less smoke and no icky smell afterward from leftover soot.

How does a wick dipper work?

Secondly, it re-coats your wick in the wax which will prolong your candle. Just make sure to stand your wick back upright afterward. And as you get to the bottom of the jar and dipping becomes more difficult, I recommend blowing it out at that point. Furthermore, it is crucial to cut your wick to 1/4 in prior to igniting. ALWAYS attend to lit candles and discontinue use after 4 hours at most. (this rule applies to ANY candle company). For your convenience, I have also included videos on social media demonstrating how best to maintain your candles.

How to clean your candle wicks with a wick dipper:

1. Carefully dip the angled end of your wick dipper into the candle wax. 2. Gently press the candle wick against the dipper to snuff out the flame and extinguish the candle. 3. If there is any excess candle wax on your wick, lightly swipe it with a dry paper towel or soft cloth until all residue has been removed. 4. Repeat as needed until your candle wick is clean and ready to be relit. And remember to always be careful when handling lit candles, as they can pose a fire hazard if not properly maintained.

D) Candle Plate

A candlestick holder, or candle plate, is an essential tool for candle-making. This small metal piece allows you to safely rest your candle on any flat surface without the risk of it falling over and scorching your furniture or floors.

How does a candle plate work?

A candle plate is designed to securely hold your candle in place, helping to prevent it from being knocked over and potentially causing damage. It also acts as a protective barrier, keeping the candle from coming into contact with other surfaces and potentially causing unwanted stains or damage. And because candle plates come in a variety of different sizes and styles, they can be easily incorporated into any candle-making setup or home decor. Whether you’re a novice candle-maker looking for a simple candle holder, or a more experienced candle maker looking to take your craft to the next level, a candle plate is an essential tool that will help you get the most out of your candle-making experience.

How to clean a candle plate

1. Start by wiping the candle plate with a damp cloth to remove any excess candle wax or other residues. 2. If necessary, use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub away any remaining candle wax or other dirt. 3. Finally, use a damp cloth or sponge to rinse away any remaining cleaning residue and give your candle plate a final wipe-down. And be sure to let your candle plate fully dry before using it again. So whether you’re looking for a candle holder that will help you create the perfect candle-making setup, or you simply want a candle plate that will keep your candles safely secured and protected, the candle care kit has everything you need to get started.

SmileTools Candle Care Kit Contents

Smile Tools are the leading manufacturer and supplier of various kinds of candle care kits. Our candle care kits are designed to make candle-making easy and hassle-free, with high-quality components that help you get the best results every time. Some of the key components of our candle care kit include candle plates, wick dippers, and other candle-making essentials. Our candle plates are designed to hold your candle securely in place, helping prevent it from being knocked over or otherwise damaged. Our wick dippers make it easy to clean your candle wicks and maintain optimal candle performance.


It is clear that a candle cannot be properly maintained without the right candle care kit, and Smile Tools has everything you need to get started. The kit contains important candle-making components like candle plates, wick dippers, and other essential accessories, all expertly designed to help you create the perfect candle every time. Contact Smile Tools today for more information on our candle care kits and other products!
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