SmileTools has been making candle accessories for the international gift industry. Includes wick trimmer, wick dipper, hanging snuffer, storage tray plate and more. Our candle care kits are sold all over the world and are known for their quality and innovation.

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Quality Products

We are committed to producing only the finest quality products made from high-quality materials. Our product range includes a variety of aromatherapy candles, candle care tools, and glass candle jars that cater to all your needs.

Competitive Advantage

We believe that our competitive edge lies in our superior product quality, competitive pricing, and a service team available 24/7 to answer any questions and ensure your complete satisfaction with your purchase.

Candle Care Kit Logo Printing

Several methods commonly used in metal printing in the industrial field.

There are a variety of processes to choose from in making printed metal, including screen printing, digital printing, embossing, laser engraving, chemical etching, oxidation, and more. Each process has its advantages and disadvantages.

candle care kit 2pcs black

Candle Care Kit Customize Packaging

You can choose from printed boxes, sleeves, custom labels, velvet bags.

If you’re looking to create a unique and personalized touch for your products, customized packaging is an excellent way to showcase your brand’s personality and style while also providing practical benefits such as protection during shipping and storage.

By Your Side from Conception to Performance

We offer one-stop purchase services, backed by candle care experts and more than 15 years of research​ in the candle care industry. Every service is specifically tailored and you’re carefully supported through each phase of the process, from the initial design of the product to after-sales services established by SmileTools to provide quality feedback.

Research & Development

We create candle tools & packaging for you that will best suit your products, your markets and your clients.

Candle Care Kit Design

With your design or with help from our graphics and branding team, we will decorate and label your packaging for a truly special presentation.

Candle Tools Manufacturing

From licensing machines to producing candle accessories, from manual to automated inspection technologies, we’ve got you covered.

Quality Management

Systematic audits of new products, control of on-going production of each line, and process audits.

Warehousing & Logistics

With 3+ million square feet of warehouse space and our vast experience with inventory management, we are ready to serve you.

After-Sales Service

Our team supports you on the ground to guarantee efficiency and troubleshooting of any problems.

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Our technical and industrial teams provide a pool of expertise to support you in defining your candle accessories project and ensuring perfect compatibility between our tools and your candles, which guarantees our shared success.

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