Project Description

Wick Dipper (Gold)

This simply brilliant and easy to use tool provides a smoke-free, cleaner option for extinguishing your candles. Simply dip the lit wick into the melted wax pool, and voila! The flame is extinguished without the hassle of smoke and rogue candle debris.

  • Gold Wick Dipper
  • Gold Wick Dipper
  • Gold Wick
  • Material: Stainless steel

  • Color: Gold

  • Size: approx. 20 x 1.8 cm/ 7.87 x 0.71 inch (L x W)

  • Surface treatment: Polishing & Plating

  • Logo & Package: Customized

  • MOQ: 300 Pcs

  • Manufacturer: SmileTools

  • HS Code: 8308100000

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