How to make your candle burning better?

Nov 11, 2020

In many European and American families, lighting scented candles is a routine in life, which is similar to a ritual. You can put them at meals, baths, and before going to bed to match different seasons and different functions to ignite different sweet fragrances. Candles achieve a refreshing and soothing effect and help you fall asleep and wait for different effects. But sometimes there are always situations where the candle burns out, or black smoke is produced, which affects the beautiful and warm atmosphere. How to light and maintain the candle is also a science. Remember the following steps to make the candle smell lasting.

1.Before lighting the candle

Trim the wick every time before lighting it, keep the wick 0.5-0.8cm long (the first time also), and twist the wick with your finger slightly, which can make the candle burn evenly and release fragrance and reduce black smoke. Trimming immediately after extinguishing is not recommended to avoid wick chips falling into the wax.

2.When you light a candle

The first lighting is the key to the success of subsequent burning. Please remember to burn for 1 hour (if it is a larger candle, please extend the burning time) and make the surface of the candle melt evenly, so that there will be no case of burning less than the edge in the future. Also, don’t burn for more than 3 hours at a time.

3.Put out the candle

Use professional extinguisher or candle snuffer to extinguish candles. Do not blow on them, which can create black smoke or tilt the wick. While the candle wax is still standing, slightly push the wick back to the center with scissors or a cotton swab to keep it upright.

4.Maintenance is received

Remember to cover your candle cover or keep it out of the box when it’s not burning. Candles began to use, it is recommended to finish in half a year, so as not to contain the essential oil volatilization, affect the fragrance effect. In addition, if there is contaminated with dust, can use cotton pads touched with alcohol to wipe.

5.Incomplete combustion remedies

When the candle is unevenly heated or the wick is deflected, it tends to tunnel to the edge.

You can try two methods:

1) After the combustion goes out, scrape the residual wax on the edge into the melting wax with a cotton swish with long handle.

2) When burning, cover the candle with aluminum foil, leaving a space in the middle for air circulation.

6.Cleaning candle cups

After burning the candle, there will be some residual wax. As long as it is clean and clean, the remaining beautiful candle cup can also be used to receive cosmetics appliances, as a vase, potted, or to manually make new candles to fill in is also a good way of environmental reuse.

1) Pour the hot water into the unable candle bottle, melt the residual wax at the bottom of the bottle, and let them float to the surface of the hot water. Once the hot water cools, the wax will harden and form a layer on the surface. At this point, you can easily remove the wax layer and pour out the water. Remember, it is not easy to plug directly into the sink.

2) If there is still a large amount of wax deposited on the bottom, it is recommended to put the glass bottle in the refrigerator, and let it sit for about two hours. Then take the glass out of the refrigerator and scrape off the wax with a butter knife or knife.