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In the beginning, we only focused on various metal scissors, but when I had a wonderful holiday in Europe, I took a few famous scented candles. At that time, the Chinese market did not open more scented candle brands. I like to make handmade gifts and always send gifts to relatives and friends on holidays. Handmade scented candles are undoubtedly a good gift, but as a senior metal processing factory, I want metal products and scented candles to have wonderful relationship, because of the beautiful candle-breaker in Paris, and the experience of using candles in my usual time, thinking about using the right tools to create a higher quality life between myself and the candle, instead of the traditional use of mouth blowing Destroy the candle, or cut the wick with ordinary office scissors. The scented candle deserves to have its own scissors. This is the original intention of our production of “candle wick trimmer”.

In the process of using the candle, I analyzed that there will be several directions. Inconvenience, in addition to cutting the wick after burning and extinguishing the candle, many times the wick will burn during the candle Lying deep oil candle, so the “wick dipper” was born, instead of the random tool you will find temporary picked up from the candle wick oil. At first we only produced silver wick trimmers and candle snuffers, but gold has always been my favorite color, so we put gold on the surface of the scissors to make it glitter, echoing the gentle yellow candlelight. The group of scented candles is mostly women, so we will produce corresponding shiny colors, such as rose gold and red copper, but we still have some gentlemen who like high quality of life, they prefer black, and finally we have six different The colors are silver, gold, rose gold, black, copper and bronze.

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We are very proud of our dedicated, loyal, and hard-working staff. We think of ourselves as a family. Working together as a team helps us to provide a steady, dependable source for your products and supplies.

Lulu Liu
Sales Director

Wendy Jin
Sales Director

Carry Liu
Sales Director

Tina Wang
Sales Director

Country 86+
Order 3200+
VAL 2000K+
Years 8+

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