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A Healthy Diet is Not a Single-Choice Vegetarian Diet

May 20, 2019

1. A large number of high fiber vegetables

Why the poor will be healthier, after reading the BBC's introduction, you will have some epiphany. Although Ethiopia’s economy is underdeveloped in Ethiopia, the body of the locals is surprisingly healthy.

Due to the imperfect economy, most of the local people are eating vegetables. Sweet potatoes, bananas and whole grains are the food they love. It is because of this kind of diet that the local people's gastrointestinal health is very good, and the chance of suffering from intestinal cancer is almost very low.

2. Never to touch a drop of wine

Morocco is the world's lowest incidence of liver cancer, which depends on the belief that Muslims can't drink alcohol. Instead, it is replaced by mint green tea. A wineless wine in Russia, and a drunk wine in Morocco, the difference in the health of people in the two countries is so great, it can be seen that the damage of alcohol is really not to be underestimated.

3. Rich protein intake

South Korea and Japan, has a large amount of fresh fish in its diet, providing a large amount of protein for its daily nutrition. The key point is that both Korea and Japan have a habit of eating raw, and their calorie content is abnormally low when protein is supplied.

It can be seen that a healthy diet is inseparable from the daily low-oil, low-salt, low-sugar habits. However, a healthy diet is not a single-choice vegetarian diet, but rather a multi-structured diet. High-fiber vegetables and high-protein fish and meat may be a good choice.