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A Comprehensive Guide on the Best Candle Snuffer

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Lighting up a candle is one among the million things that are normal to us on a daily basis that we do either as a routine or for convenience. But have you ever wondered just how a candle can be put off? Probably a candle is the only source of light that lacks a knob or a gadget attached to turn off the light other than a match stick.

Interestingly, among the most marketable products that are becoming a darling to many business people is the candle snuffer, especially on Amazon. A candle snuffer is sometimes referred to as a douter or candle extinguisher. It is a gadget that is used to extinguish the light from a burning candle. A candle snuffer is made of a small cone on one and a long handle on the other end.

Candle snuffers will work with most of the candles available in the market today. They are used in our homes, churches, parties, etc. They quickly extinguish the candle flame and minimize the smoke at the same time with less hassle. There are many antique candles that are very beautifully designed and are highly collectible these modern days.

In the current market, you will find many modern, elegant, and well-crafted lists of candle snuffers very fashionably designed to offer a touch of class and uniqueness depending on the environment of use. They are very affordable and can put off any sort of candle quickly, safely, and in a simple manner without leaving any lingering smoke. Among the most common that you are going to come across in most markets are the rounded bell-shaped candle snuffers.

It is however good to note that the market is becoming quite competitive and various designs are coming up every day in a bid to impress buyers and address different client needs. You will for example come across pyramid-shaped, disk, or even beehive-shaped candle snuffers today.

Just like a candle trimmer, a snuffer has many uses and seeks to avoid many of the problems that may be associated with hot wax as we will discuss later in this article. I will take you through an interesting journey to help you understand the candle snuffer more as I explain to you what a good and quality candle snuffer may mean to your business.

Reasons why one should consider candle snuffers

A Candle snuffer is becoming so common just like the candle wick trimmer, and preference is now changing to the best, most fashionable, and most quality of all. This means that the question of whether one needs it or not is way behind us. The market for high-quality candle snuffers is yet to be exhausted and those able to offer them are at a very vantage point.

A good candle snuffer helps the user avoid some of the common problems that are associated with one opting to blow off the burning candle. Some of the problems caused by blowing off the candle include:

a) Loss of nice scent from the burning candle

One of the many reasons why candles are loved is because of the double roles they play in the provision of light and in creating nice scents all over the room. The lack of a candle snuffer can make the benefit of a nice smelling scent from the scented candle becomes totally something irritating.

The blowing off of the candle produces a not-so-good smell as a result of the unburn pyrolysis. Usually, the heating of the candle converts the candle wax into hydrocarbon gases that are meant to ensure the candle continues burning. When the candle is blown off, the hydrocarbon gases remain unburnt and this is the smell that will be released into the air until their production stops.

This smell of the candles is produced at quite a fast rate and ends up replacing the beautiful scent that was originally occupying the room. This is a reason why snuffer and wick trimmer is becoming more and more common these days.

b) Uneven wax

Blowing off a candle also results in blowing off the melted candle and may make the candle lose its shape. The liquid quickly dries and sticks to where the cooling took place. As a result, the whole candle will lose its original beautiful shape. Using a candle snuffer will help you avoid all these issues. Some candles are made for special events and functions and their losing shape can be quite a letdown.

c) Improper and Unprofessional Image

Image is key and sometimes it takes everything to protect it. Nobody can afford to spoil their image on account of a candle. In high-end events, you would only expect someone to blow a candle only on a cake but not a scented candle. The candle snuffer has come to save many people from some of these embarrassments and it’s paying off. A Candle snuffer helps people raise the bar to the art of professionalism for many people.

How does a Candle Snuffer work?

Snuffing out a candle can be so easy but it is important to learn how it works to avoid getting into what you intended to avoid in the first place. Candle snuffers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In addition, different candle snuffer manufacturers employ different techniques through which their candle snuffers work. However, the basic principle of a candle snuffer remains the same.

Unlike the candle wick trimmer, a candle snuffer is more or less a tool that is used to block the supply of oxygen that aids in the burning of the candle. As you know, a candle cannot burn without oxygen. That is why the candle snuffer has that hollow section that may look like a bell in some snuffers. A candle wick trimmer on the other hand has two flat blades used to trim the wick so as to put off the flame.

When the wick is burning and you need to turn it off, the candle snuffer will be placed on top of the burning to move the wick dipper inside the cone to cover it. In a few seconds, since the burning wick will have consumed any little oxygen inside the candle snuffer, the candle will go off. This process produces very little smoke and helps in ensuring that you do not struggle or spoil your good candle in the process of turning it off.

The cone or bell-shaped candle snuffer with a long handle is good for extinguishing a burning candle wick. They can also be used for all types of jar candles be they scented containerized candles, pillars, or even tapers. The good thing about this type of candle sniffer is that the dangling front section allows the user to extinguish the candle from any angle with ease.

Where to purchase Candle Snuffer

As a business person, getting a good manufacturer to work with can be quite hectic. It is especially so when it comes to purchasing quality, unique and affordable candle snuffers that can work with your market. However, we are here to help you out on how to go about sealing a deal that will guarantee you a huge return on investments by stocking more candle snuffers for any candle wick.

One of the business hubs that makes everything easier for any international trader or buyer easy is China. There are many reasons why opting to purchase your candle items from China is a big plus but I won’t dwell on everything for now. However, even with all the benefits, you still need to consider a few factors that may impact your business in a positive way if you adhere to them.

● Price of the candle snuffer

● Manufacturing capacity of the candle snuffer factory you choose

● The Guarantee of the candle snuffer you import

● The material of the candle snuffer

● The cost of shipping the candle snuffer to your country

● Whether the candle snuffer company offers OEM and ODM

● Customer Service

These are some of the factors we think are universal across the board and should guide you at least when starting off. There may be other many factors that you may wish to address at an individual level which is good to make sure you gave all the answers. This is where the ability of a company to have dedicated customer service is helpful. You will easily get all the answers you need.


Having shared with you the important information you needed concerning the candle snuffer market and buying tips, I wish to conclude with the best recommendation. Globally, Jiangsu SmileTools has continued to earn a positive reputation as one of the best and most unique when it comes to the manufacturing of candle snuffers. This is made possible through the great investment that the company has made in research and the experienced team of experts in different fields.

SmileTools has been exporting to various countries across continents in Europe, and North and South America. Smile tools continue expanding and invite new partnerships to help in growing the continued interest in candle snuffers and bridge the demand gap that exists in the market. All the candle snuffers from Smile Tools come with a warranty and a great team of customer service to help in offering assistance to clients all over.

These and many other factors have made the brand grow and we welcome you to join us and be part of a reputable company that is focused on putting smiles on other people through beautiful and innovative products.

Order your candle accessories at an affordable price today. Contact us today and let’s have a chat about how we can help you grow your business to the next level with our high-quality candle snuffers.

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