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3 Ways to Extinguish a Scented Candle

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So you probably are asking what your options are. Which option is the safest? This article has the answers to help you. And be certain that at least one of these options will surprise you!

Use a Candle Snuffer

When you use a candle snuffer, there won’t be any smoke. Snuffers come in all different shapes and sizes. Some of you may remember growing up in a religious tradition that lit candles before service and then snuffed them out at the end with a rather large snuffer.

You can purchase a snuffer such as that but most come in sizes reminiscent of small gifts similar to letter openers or pens. They can be engraved and given as gifts as well.

Candle snuffers are not all the same either. There are just as many sizes and shapes as there are different tastes. Some look closer to tweezers than the standard bell-shaped snuffer. Silver or brass snuffers can be gorgeous and fancy.

One suggestion that some people make is to place them in a refrigerator or freezer to help speed the snuffing.

But snuffers work no matter what the temperature is. A lack of oxygen, while the snuffer covers the flame, is what puts out the flame.

You will want to remind your children that snuffers are not toys and this act of snuffing flames is not a party trick to be repeated again and again. Proper respect for fire is necessary for children.

Use a Candle Wick Dipper

A candle wick dipper will allow you to put out a candle without producing any smoke. You take the dipper, bend back the wick into the hot wax, and it will extinguish the flame without producing any smoke.

What a fantastic idea! A candle wick dipper is a great idea and one you will be glad you tried.

Pick from a wide variety of candle dippers or use household items such as a screwdriver, pair of tweezers, pencil, or pair of scissors to accomplish the same result. So this method means that you don’t have to buy a snuffer to achieve results that work better than blowing out the candle.

By the way, it is also a good idea to immediately remove the wick back out of the hot wax before it cools as well. If you also straighten the wick, it will provide a neater look to the candle as it burns.

Another added benefit to dipping the candle in wax is that the extra dip into the wax will coat the wick and let it last longer. Then you are ready to light your candle the next time.

Many people also trim the end of the wick at this point. Trimming allows the wick to appear more beautiful in between uses. To round out your look, carefully pick up any of the wick that has fallen or other debris that falls into the wax before it hardens.

For many, the beauty of candles approaches the aroma of the burning candle.

Put the Flame Out with Your Fingers

Okay, this is a serious option but one that has to be taken with care. This step is a little more personal because you have to moisten your fingers. So dip your fingers in water or run them over your tongue enough to moisten them.

Most people use their thumb and forefinger but any two fingers will work just fine. Wet your fingers just enough to extinguish the flame from the candle with a light touch.

Wet fingers protect your skin from the heat of the flame if it is done correctly.
If there’s a source of water nearby (a sink or glass of water), then you won’t need to make another trip to a water source or lick your fingers.
How does it work? When you make a pinching motion quickly (pinch and release), the moisture should cause the flame to extinguish as you make contact. Release quickly just in case to avoid a burn.

You may feel a momentary warm sensation. Once you put the flame out, however, the heat will lessen.
The sizzling sound you hear is a result of the moisture on your fingertips evaporating. There is nothing to worry about with this sound.
Don’t try it more than once if the flame does not go out the first time. Safety is your primary concern.

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